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“You have unique talents for capturing people’s personalities with your photos…”

– Nicole S.

With roots in photojournalism and a passion for storytelling Erica Kearns has a knack for capturing organic moments in photographs. As a dog mom and aunt Erica knows how fleeting special moments can be. The frequent traveller and wine lover in her also knows that life is about living. Erica has a passion for capturing moments and stories in her photographs, not still frames that are posed for and inorganic. She knows that an image can tell a complete story, and Erica is dedicated to making sure her clients can relive their best moments through her photographs. Erica is personable and loves getting to know every one of her clients so that she can make their vision come to life. Erica believes photographs are about storytelling, and having the perfect photos from your special event will give you a lifetime of joy and remembrance.

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